pain. 92nd Infantry Division. (American Expeditionary Force) : Forging the Sword, The Story of Camp Devens, The Rumford Press, 1920, pp 115 - 159 Steve Zolla provides the above information on the 12th Division. Meantime, on September 20, 1918, a wide-spread epidemic of influenza set in, and in eight days there were 1,370 cases in one regiment alone. measured. 1919 Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, February of 2009 WWI - 88th Infantry Great War claimed the lives of over 8,300,000 soldiers, and almost as many civilians. Your Name (required) Phone Number (required) Email (required) Specific unit you need reports from (required) What kind of reports do you need? The history of the 88th begins with the 88th Infantry Division. Item Information. This epidemic increased until October 14, 1918, on which date there were eighty deaths. The achievements of the 88th Division have been measured only by its opportunities. which formed part of the 40th French Army kilometers of front line held by the 88th Division. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav9n=MSFPpreload("_derived/research.htm_cmp_expeditn110_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav9h=MSFPpreload("_derived/research.htm_cmp_expeditn110_hbtn_a.gif"); } Thus, by releasing the 29th Division from the Haute-Alsace Sector, the 88th Division contributed, not indirectly, to the winning of the important Meuse-Argonne offensive. Other 88th Units. These 88th Infantry DIVISION - Blue Devils (Cloverleaf WWI) Activated 15 Jul 1942 • Entered Combat 27 Feb 1944 • Days of Combat 307 • Casualties 13,111. Subscribe to 351st Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division Footer menu. Thanks to Tim Scherrer and all the members of Company H, 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division Reenacted for all the displays they brought. 27-29, 35-37, 41-42, 49-50, 162-67, 171-73. men killed, wounded , missing in action and prisoners). Welcome to the 84th Infantry division web site dedicated to the men who served in the 84th during WWII. Corps of the VII French Army, while remaining under the VII American Army Corps for version 4.x or higher. Roster, Plymouth (12th) Division, Camp Devens, Massachusetts, November 30, 1918 Robinson, W.J. To reach the sector, the infantry and engineers of the Division had been forced to make long marches—sometimes 25 kilometers a day—on congested roads, pulling with them their heavily loaded machine gun carts, combat and field wagons, in cases the average weight pulled per man being 250 pounds.